Re: [Setup-tool-hackers] Re: XST screenshots for tigert so we cando the LWE Glossies

On 13 Jan 2001, jacob berkman wrote:

> Arturo Espinosa Aldama <> writes:
> > Well, the new screenshots are up. These include window mannager
> > adornments, using the citrus theme and complete Ximianification.
> Parallel is incorrectly spelled here.

OK, I have taken care of it. Note that I had to fake some of this stuff
through Glade, in the case of Name Resolution and Network, which will
become one shortly. I patched the other glade files so that they looked
better (Ximian instead of Helix Code, and beautification of memory-admin
and disks-admin, etc), and applied those patches to the CVS version. 

These screenshots look a lot like the 1.0 version will look like. The only
things that will change are that name resolution will disappear, as it
integrates into network, and the network tab in users will be gone too,
waiting for a post-1.0 release.


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