Re: gnome-screensaver 0.0.23


Jaap Haitsma wrote:
hmm, IIRC, the typing break in gnome-settings-daemon does idle
detection, so maybe we should be using that instead of having it on the
screensaver? The problem is the typing break does not have any DBUS
interface, so it would need to be added.
I like the idea of having this in gnome settings daemon. IIRC g-s-d only
looks at the keyboard and not at the mouse. So mouse idleness should be
added as well

What is the advantage of having it in gnome-settings-daemon?

At the moment gnome-settings-daemon doesn't have idle detection. It has a very crude type of activity detection.

In order to decouple idle detection from the screensaver you will need to solve a number of tricky technical problems. How do you handle "inhibitors"? How do you handle races between idle and screensaver activation states? What is the sequence of events when the lock screen button is pressed? How do you do idle activation warnings? And so on.

Seems more reasonable to make the typing break program gnome-screensaver aware.


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