Re: [gpm] cpu idle / hot corners

David Zeuthen wrote:

So while I couldn't figure out why g-p-m weren't putting my system to
sleep Richard told me on IRC that there's some code to avoid putting the
system to sleep when the CPU is not idle.
Richard mentions something along the lines that this is useful if you're
compiling a kernel or running a simulation or something.

I think it's crack and I'd like to polite ask for this feature to be
removed. In fact, I'd advocate that things like Beagle or other indexing
jobs should run exactly when the system is idle (they should of course
just get this from g-p-m via the session bus), e.g. when the user appear
not to be using it. However, this means that we will never ever suspend.

What you want is for g-p-m / g-s to simply implement "Hot Corners" as on
Mac OS X. This would allow power users to configure the system to never
suspend / inhibit screen saver when the mouse pointer is in e.g. the
top-right corner. See this link for details

Ideally we'd share the "Hot Corners" dialog between g-p-m and g-s and
maybe other things as well. Perhaps it could be a library? I've copied
the screen saver list for further discussion.

Thanks for considering this.

I like the idea of hot corners. Since according to fitts law the corners should contain also contain stuff like the show desktop button I think there needs to be some delay.

I guess we need to make a hot corners capplet and integrate the functionality into gnome-settings daemon. IMHO it would be a great addition for GNOME 2.16.


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