Re: Some UI tweaking in unlock/switch dialog

Hi Luca,

Thanks for the patch.  Some comments inline.

Luca Ferretti wrote:
Can someone review this patch? Ideas are from

      * Use <big>UserName</big>\n<small>RealName</small> in unlock
dialog (points 2 and 3 in section Unlocking)

I like this but I prefer:

We should always prefer the real.

      * Don't use <big> in "Switch to user" label (point 3 in section

This is good also because it leaves more room for the list.

      * Use <big>UserName</big>\n<small>RealName</small> in switch list
        (point 9 in section Switching) [1]

As above, I prefer <big>RealName</big>\n<small>UserName</small>

      * Reduce fading time to 2 secs. (point 2 in section Post-Breezy)

OK.  But, your patch uses 1 sec ;)

Please note that:
* 'user(s)' is still here, better IMHO then 'account' [2] * Access keys (_) are still here, 'cause it's a GNOME HIG and a11y

I agree with you on both counts.

Your patch looked pretty good. However, it caused the treeview find to stop working and it didn't update the label in the displays-changed callback.

I just committed your patch with the above changes.  Thanks!


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