Re: run a shell command interactively

> Is there a sawfish command, which will pop up a small shell command
> line, in which i can type some command there and execute. I thought
> there used to be some key to invoke this, but i can't call it back.

Sure, you can just pop up an xterm, snag a single line, and feed it to
the shell.  Here's a command line that I use to prompt for a machine
to connect to, and then do so (runxterm is a private script):

	"(xterm -geometry %s -T xterm-prompt -n xterm-prompt -e sh -c 'echo Destination\?; head -1 > /tmp/pr'$$; runxterm %s %s `cat /tmp/pr$$; rm -f /tmp/pr$$`) &" prompt-geometry xterm-geometry extra-args))

In this case, prompt-geometry, xterm-geometry, and extra-args are all
provided to the function that calls this command.  The first tells
where to put the prompt, the second controls the geometry of the
eventual xterm, and the third is simply passed to my runxterm script.

Here's an (untested) variation that does what William actually asked
for.  It doesn't do anything to make sure you see the output of the
command (if any); that could be done by capturing stderr and stdout
into a file, and then displaying it with either xterm or xmessage.
Note that the entire command sequence is parenthesized and
backgrounded so that sawfish doesn't hang waiting for the thing to

(setq prompt-geometry "40x3-17+450")

; Inside some function:
	"(xterm -geometry %s -T command-prompt -n command-prompt -e sh -c 'echo \?; head -1 > /tmp/pr'$$; sh cat /tmp/pr$$; rm -f /tmp/pr$$) &" prompt-geometry))

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