Re: Questions about Sawfish

Le ven 24 mar 2006 20:23:53 CET, Scott Scriven <sawfish-list toykeeper net> a
�it :

> That sounds exactly like what people do today with multiple
> desktops.  You simply place related windows together on each
> workspace, and switch between them when you want to work on a
> different project.
Yes, defining the groups as workspace could be a solution (if I understand
Sawfish correctly). We tried a few setup and it seems to be enough to
simulate our management process.

By duplicating the sawfish-pager on all the workspaces (or rather � tasks �,
as we are using this paradigm) we managed to obtain a first satisfying result.

> Though I call it changing desktops, or moving from one desktop to
> another, in reality all that happens is sawfish hides one group
> of windows and displays another.
Yes, exactly.

Now we are going to see if we can easily modify the pager in order to have
the workspace name into the tooltip.

I will probably have several questions to ask you in the next days, so please
don't run away :)


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