How to avoid setting the desktop window's size.

I've been looking at debian bug
which basically resolves to

Sjoerd Simons:
> James Sumners:
> > Upon logging in with the new monitor set to 1280x1024 nautilus
> > would only allow interaction with the  desktop in a 1024x768
> > window starting from the upper left corner. After  killing
> > nautilus and restarting it nautilus allows interaction with the
> > full 1280x1024 desktop.
> > 
> > I am also using sawfish as my window manager.
> Just checked. sawfish saves the size of the desktop window, and
> although nautilus requests the widget to be the same size as your
> screen it's forced to the size that sawfish saved..

So, the solution would be to either 

1. Not save the desktop window's size in the session,
2. Not save any state at all for that window,
3. Not restore desktop window's size on session load, or
4. Not restore any state at all for a desktop window.

I have identified the places in the code for each of them and can
produce a patch, but I don't know which approach is best. Any
suggestions? I lean to not saving any state at all, but wonder if it
can cause problems.

PS. The bug is not in sawfish's bugzilla. I'll add it there for
documentation, but I'll do it when I have the patch and post it

Rodrigo Gallardo
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