Problems binding mouse buttons 9-12

Could it be possible to get rid of the hard coded ButtonX values and Masks
and use the XEvent button codes straight instead, or some other more
generic and forwards compatible method. i've been struggling for
a long time trying to get buttons on my mouse working with sawfish,
buttons 1-8 work quite fine, but the other 4 are currently useless.
i've tested with evtest and xev, they both see all buttons correctly on my
logitech mx1000 mouse. Xbindkeys doesn't help much with windowmanager
bindings because of some weirdness with repeating commands several times
when pressing button only once.

I tried fixing the c-code part by hand but to no avail, and i have no
idea how the lisp code works, so i need some help getting this fixed.
trying to bind the extra buttons, sawfish-ui prints following error
*** Bad argument: #<subr gtk-entry-set-text>, (), 2

And typing Button12-Click by hand to config doesn't work either.
When i tried fixing c-code part to support 12 buttons, i got it working
only on window _borders_, but i need it to work on window contents as

Please CC me if you reply


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