Re: Saving/Restoring sessions

On Fri, 07 Apr 2006 20:22:24 +0300
Timo Korvola iki fi wrote:

> Vladimir Zolotykh <gsmith eurocom od ua> writes:
> > Could someone please tell me how to save/restore sessions in
> > Sawfish?
> Saving and restoring of sessions is managed by the session manager.
> Each program, including the window manager, is responsible for saving
> and restoring its own state but the action is initiated and
> coordinated by the session manager.  Gnome and KDE both have their own
> session manager, in addition there is xsm.
I got the point, thanks
I've tried GNOME-SESSION, it did me no good. It starts (X session I mean)
and seems work fine. However the session isn't properly saved/restored. Some
applications (Mozilla for example) don't start at all when I start the
previously saved session, others (GKrellM for example)
appears in deformed (witout bottom part) windows. 

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Vladimir Zolotykh

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