XXpanel, focus and viewports

Bonjour !
I've been using sawfish on all my boxes for a while, without anything
fancier than a pager 'till I got annoyed by people trying to use them
and ending calling me :
- "how do I find the browser ?"
- "go to desktop 1.2"
- "what ?"
- "control-alt-shift-KP8"
- "..."

Well, I tried to find a nice panel and found pypanel and fbpanel that
would suit my needs if only they were to support viewports :
. my desktop is a unique 3x3 workspace (9 "viewports" then),
. windows are drawn on specific viewports according to some window
matching rules. Everything is just fine for me.
. sawfish is configured to open minimized windows on THEIR viewport not
the one I'm currently on.
. using pypanel and fbpanel is pleasant however they don't handle
viewport nicely enough to change viewport when focusing a window, or
even minimizing/raising it by clicking on the bar.

The result is a focused, raised window outside the current viewport.
The correct behaviour should be to move the viewport along the workspace
to see the window being just focused.

Some apps achieve this nicely (say rox-filer for instance), but
pypanel/fbpanel don't. I'll try to have a look at it, but if you have
any suggestions, I'll be glad to collect them :) I already reported to
pypanel author and wait for his ideas.

Good evening !


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