[sawfish-list] A few customizations for opacity


Philip Langdale posted a patch last month to allow for the window frame ID to be retrieved for a window. Based on his window-frame-id function, I've written a few eyecandy controls pertaining to opacity. I know he was interested in this sort of thing; this message is just an FYI for those interested. :)

The customizations have been posted to the Sawfish wiki at http://sawfish.uberstyle.net/.

translucent-move.jl is essentially Mr Langdale's code for translucent window moves, changed somewhat to halve the opacity if such a setting exists during the move, and then to restore it once the move is complete.

translucency-matcher.jl adds a window matcher based on the EWMH window type property (to e.g. be able to identify dock windows or dialog windows), as well as a setter for opacity, so that, for instance, all GTK+ and Qt menus can be made translucent.

translucency-menu.jl adds a submenu to the window ops menu allowing the user to select an opacity level for a window. If translucency-matcher.jl and window-history.jl are loaded, it also saves and restores opacity as part of the window history attributes, so matching windows will appear with the same opacity level.

quake-console.jl is somewhat unrelated, but it's an effect I find useful. Its use is to allow for a window, typically a terminal emulator such as xterm or konsole, to be "swallowed up" by the window manager (positioned at the top-left corner of the screen, undecorated, shaded and normally hidden). The window is uniquely identified by the name or title that is set when starting it. A keybinding is provided to automatically alternately unshade, unhide and focus the window, as well as raise it to the top, and to shade and hide the window and focus the window previously focused. In this manner it behaves not unlike the console in id's Quake series of games.

Please excuse the quality of the code; I'm still relatively new at this and still learning.

I hope someone finds them useful.


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