Configuration question for iconified window

My .xsession starts up wmbattery which always seems to start up invisibly.
Extracts from my .xession are,

sawfish & wm=$!
xtoolwait wmbattery
wait $wm

I start with only one workspace, and wmbattery has parentheses around it
on the windows menu, so I conjecture that its invisibility problem is that
it's iconified. If I pick it in the windows menu then it appears just as I
want it to, so it was already nearly there somehow, and after I do that
there are no long parentheses around it on the windows menu. In
wmbattery's code are suggestive things like, wmhints.initial_state =

So, I was trying to make sure that sawfish wouldn't let it withdraw. I
have tried variations on putting among the matched-window-profile stuff in
.sawfish/custom things like,

(((WM_NAME . "wmbattery")) ((iconified . #f))))

and in my .sawfishrc I have hacked together things like,

(defun uniconify-this-if-wmbattery (window)
  (if (equal (window-name window) "wmbattery")
      (uniconify-window window)))

(defun find-and-uniconify-wmbattery ()
  (let ((wmbattery-window (get-window-by-name "wmbattery")))
    (unless (eq wmbattery-window nil)
      (uniconify-window wmbattery-window))))

(add-hook 'add-window-hook uniconify-this-if-wmbattery)
(add-hook 'iconify-window-hook uniconify-this-if-wmbattery)
(add-hook 'after-initialization-hook find-and-uniconify-wmbattery)

...but it still remains invisible when I start things up.

Is there anything other than iconification that would explain why
wmbattery starts up invisibly with parentheses around its name in the
windows menu, and when it's selected then it appears and the parentheses
are gone, given that I only have one workspace?

Am I on the right track with trying to keep it uniconified?

I'd appreciate any hints. (-:

-- Mark

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