Re: Placing windows on viewports automatically

On Sep 19, 2004, at 12:54 AM, Mark Schreiber wrote:
I open a large number of windows ("setting up the environment")
automatically at sawfish launch, and dislike having sawfish zip around
following the current viewport.  I'd really like to just have the
windows open offscreen, killing line 361 in match-window.jl, and not
modifying the current viewport.

I may be misremembering, but this may not work correctly. IIRC the window placement algorithms require the window's viewport to be current when they're called (so that they don't need to care about the translation added by the viewports)

The reason why is that, as far as I can tell, match window setters
aren't expected to interact with each other, which means that the
window properties resulting from a match might get set in any order,
and the setters called before all the properties are set.  Which means
that at the time this function is being called, the
"do-not-switch-to-viewport" property might not exist.  Am I wrong on
this point?

no, that sounds correct. It's definitely true that you can't rely on the order in which they are invoked.


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