Re: opening windows in diff workspaces

Ahhh ... you could be right, I always forget which is which, I know
since after RH8 using sawfish hasn't been as simple. I don't even know
how to get multiple viewports setup. I used to but I lost my config
file. Hell, I keep a back up of my current one in 14 different places
now, if I ever loose my mouse over and focus setup I'll be pissed cause
there is not way to recreate it any more.

Anyway...I tried using the matched windows, and it recognizes the window
because it will resize it correctly, but it ignores the workspace

I'll check the OPTIONS file .. thanks.
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sawfish tlcprogramming com (2004-09-11 at 0117.47 -0400):
> Sometime ago sawfish used to allow windows to overlap multiple
> workspaces. I understand that the way workspaces are created has changed
> but the old behavior allowed you to open a window using the --geometry
> flag and place it in different workspaces.

If you mean viewports, it is possible, just hidden (see OPTIONS file).

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