Re: Fedora Core 2?

kin techie com wrote:
: Hi,
: I've been happily using Gnome and Sawfish on RH7.3.  Now I'll be
: using a new computer and am considering installing Fedora Core 2.
: In the installation I noticed is that Metacity is the default
: window manager.  Is there a way to change this?
: Which distribution is best for running Gnome and Sawfish?
	I run FC2 with gnome and sawfish. Just make sure you use
updated libwnck - either from

or from FC2 updates (if there is any). To use safwish, I have
the following in my .xsession:

# ...
exec gnome-session

	Hope this helps,


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btw, David, I'm wondering about this loop: [...]  Is this
a busy-wait-until-someone-plugs-in-more-ram-chips thing? ;)  --Andrew Morton

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