Re: Fedora Core 2?

On Tue, Oct 12, 2004 at 12:41:15PM -0700, kin techie com wrote:
> I've been happily using Gnome and Sawfish on RH7.3.  Now I'll be
> using a new computer and am considering installing Fedora Core 2.
> In the installation I noticed is that Metacity is the default
> window manager.  Is there a way to change this?

Yes, it is.:-)  One of simpler ones is to type in a terminal window

   killall metacity && sawfish &

(repeat if necessary) and save your settings on logout.

The only trouble is that sawfish included in FC2 is quite broken
for that setup.  In particular it does not really work with pango.
Instead of fixing that it was simply dropped from an upcoming FC3.

Replace that with what you will find in sawfish CVS.  It is quite
easy to substitute sources in installed source rpms and after
small edits in their spec file you can rebuild brand new rpm
packages.  This works fine with FC2 and FC3test.

> Which distribution is best for running Gnome and Sawfish?

Whatever your heart desire. :-)  Broken 'libwnck', which was
affecting sawfish, was fixed in updates to FC2.


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