Transparent Titles

Hi all,
I've been trying to configure my theme to get transparent title
bars, i.e. the window name on a transparent background.

Up to now I've tried a tiled transparent backing image:
         (let ((title-t (make-image "transparent.png")))
           (image-put title-t `tiled t)
         (list title-t title-t)))
and also a tiled non-transparent backing image with the shape-color
         (let ((title-t (make-image "title-backing-alt.png")))
           (image-put title-t `tiled t)
	   (set-image-shape-color title-t (get-color "black"))
         (list title-t title-t)))

Here's how I use them:
         ((background . ,title)
          (foreground . ,font-colors)
          (text . ,window-name)
          (x-justify . center)
          (y-justify . center)
          (width . ,(lambda (w) (title-width w)))
          (height . 18)
          (class . title))

Both of these approaches give a transparent title bar, but the window
name is not displayed at all.

Does anyone have any ideas how I can get this working?

Thanks a lot,

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