Re: Keybindings execute twice?

Thanks for taking your time.  I had the program compiled and run, first on
my Rh 7.3 installation (where sawfish works perfecly) and then on my Rh 9.
The results came out with different behaviour for the v key.  
The result from Rh 9 while pressing u-v-x-v-x-v:

event received u release 1004596
event received v press 1007085
event received v release 1007593
event received v press 1007166
event received v release 1007166
event received v press 1007593
event received v press 1007593
event received x press 1014987
event received x release 1015076
event received v release 1017297
event received x press 1019339
event received x release 1019410
event received v press 1027170
event received v release 1027673
event received v press 1027233
event received v release 1027233
event received v press 1027673
event received v press 1027673
So I guess this is the bug you are refering to?

I should also add something that might help in the diagnostics.  It is not
only the M-C-t keybinding that gives the fault. The same thing happens if
I bind it to M-C-a.  Also if I bind a key to some other command like 
"Help about" the same thing happens: it gives me two help-about windows.

Also: when I hit the keybinding it sometimes takes long time (several
seconds) before anything happens, and sometimes nothing happens.


On Mon, 29 Mar 2004, Michal [iso-8859-2] Maruška wrote:
> the patch went into something like xfree86
> I have made this little program, which shoul trigger the bug.  I have not
> verified it, since i don't have that old X server. 
> compile with:
> gcc   -L/usr/X11R6/lib -lX11 -lXext -lm  repeat.c   -o repeat
> I think, that if you press the key "v" (and you have the broken server, w/
> autorepeating enabled via XKB), you'll get more events reported.

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