no-mouse multihead screen switching

I just setup multihead recently, and while it's very nice I was annoyed
by having to grab the mouse and click on something on the other screen
everytime I wanted to switch the keyboard focus to the other screen.  (I
haven't tried xinerama as I don't want workspace switching on one screen
to affect the other)

Anyway, after some hacking around I came up with this script[1] that
uses sawfish-client to select a window on the other screen and also warp
the mouse there, which seems to work quite nicely.  Except for when
there are no windows on the other screen yet.  My current solution is
just to launch an xterm in that case.  Which "works", but is somewhat
inconsistant and hacky.  Is there a better way?

(Please CC me in replies)

[1] http://www.XXXXXXXXXXXXX/~donut/programs/sawscreen/sawscreen

Matthew Mueller

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