Re: Sawfish 1.3-3 bug on 64-bit Linux

Edward Wang <edward edcom com> writes:

> I didn't find this bug in bugzilla, so it may not have been
> reported:
> I'm running sawfish-1.3-3.x86_64 on an AMD64 with Fedora Core 1.
> And it seems that get-x-property returns a CARDINAL value as an
> unsigned 64-bit number that has been sign extended from
> the original 32-bit value.  The visible result is that
> windows with _NET_WM_DESKTOP property of 0xffffffff
> gets seen by the lisp code as 0xffffffffffffffff, and
> eventually somebody (update-workspace-hints, I think)
> calls (make-vector 0x40000000000000000), which generates
> the error "#<subr make-vector>, 73786976294838206464, 1".

I think this bug is already fixed in cvs :

2003-10-29  John Harper  <jsh unfactored org>

        * functions.c (Fget_x_property): patch from David Mosberger to
        fix reading `negative' unsigned values on 64-bit platforms
        (with a special case I added to read XA_INTEGER properties)


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