Re: problem with gdesklets

Joe Milbourn <ee1jjm bath ac uk> writes:

> Once upon a time, Lam said:
>> how you run for example display cputime ?
> If you don't have the desklets server running, start it.
> To add displays run:
> 	gdesklets <path_to_display>
> For example (on debian)
> 	gdesklets /usr/share/gdesklets/Displays/cpuload/cpuload.display
> This is explained both in the included gdesklets documentation, and on
> their website.

i had try this before, but i had some problems

gDesklets 0.25.1
Copyright  2003 Martin Grimme, Christian Meyer, Jesse Andrews

This software is licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL.

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/share/gdesklets/factory/", line 80, in create_display
  File "/usr/share/gdesklets/display/", line 112, in add_children
  File "/usr/share/gdesklets/display/", line 58, in add_children
    ContainerTarget.add_children(self, childrendata)
  File "/usr/share/gdesklets/display/", line 49, in add_children
    self.add_child(childname, childclass, childsettings, children)
  File "/usr/share/gdesklets/display/", line 57, in add_child
    if (children): child.add_children(children)
  File "/usr/share/gdesklets/display/", line 41, in add_children
  File "/usr/share/gdesklets/display/", line 70, in _init_children
    child.set_config(key, value)
  File "/usr/share/gdesklets/display/", line 130, in set_config
  File "/usr/share/gdesklets/display/", line 116, in __set_background
  File "/usr/share/gdesklets/utils/", line 60, in set_from_file
    loader = gtk.gdk.PixbufLoader()
TypeError: GdkPixbufLoader.__init__() takes exactly 1 argument (0 given)
Error while configuring display:GdkPixbufLoader.__init__() takes exactly 1 argument (0 given)

(concatenate 'string "lam" (reverse "gro.ylimafxut@"))

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