Re: The sound of silence :-(

>>>>> On Fri, 16 Jan 2004 19:20:10 -0700, Eric Mangold <teratorn world-net net> said:

  Eric> On Friday 16 January 2004 04:07 pm, Terry Blunt wrote:
  >> It's awfully quite in this list :-(

  Eric> I don't know if it's lack of users or a relative lack of problems :)
  Eric> Though I tend to think it's more of the latter.

Lack of problems?  I shall be happy to contribute! ;)

I noticed that with sawfish on GNOME2, resizing the Emacs window will
cause it to display a geometry-spec that's off by 4 for the width of
the window.  For example, if I want the Emacs window to be 80 columns
wide, I have to size it to be 84 columns wide (as per geometry info
displayed by sawfish).  This used to work just fine under GNOME1.  It
appears that only Emacs is affected.  Resizing of, say, an xterm
window works just fine.  Anybody else seen anything similar?


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