More Sawfish 1.3 documentation

I've added documentation to my "sawmill.texi" patch for the following
Lisp structures:

    * sawfish.wm.commands
    * sawfish.wm.focus
    * sawfish.wm.frames
    * sawfish.wm.misc
    * sawfish.wm.placement
    * sawfish.wm.session
    * sawfish.wm.server
    * sawfish.wm.stacking
    * sawfish.wm.window-anim
    * sawfish.wm.workspace
    * sawfish.wm.state.inconify
    * sawfish.wm.state.shading
    * sawfish.wm.state.transient
    * sawfish.wm.state.ignored

I picked these because they are all auto-loaded by Sawfish in
"sawfish/wm.jl".  The Viewport structure is documented as well, but
I've commented out the text because viewports are deprecated.  You can
get the new documentation (which includes my previous C API
documentation changes) from

Can someone with an account on the Sawfish Bugzilla please add a new
bug regarding this, so the patch can get tracked for the next release?

Are there any nominations for the next structures to document?


Derek Upham
sand blarg net

"Ha!  Your Leaping Tiger Kung Fu is no match for my Frightened Piglet style!"

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