viewports and workspaces

Hey all,

Just wondering if anyone had considered this, or can think of an easy way
to enable it.

What I'm looking for is viewport position memory.  That is, let's say I
have 6 workspaces, and each of these has a viewport 3 high, 1 wide.  Now,
let's say I consider desktop 6 my "work" workspace.. and that I typically
have xterms open with ssh connections to remote boxes here.  

What I would like, is to have Sawfish remember what part of the viewport I
am focused on when I leave and return to a workspace.  So, let's say that
I have three different remote machines I am working on, all for different
people.  Workspace 6 is still my "work" workspace, but on the top viewport
I have one client, the middle another, and the bottom a third.

What would be incredibly convenient is if Sawfish could remember my
position in these viewports.  Let's say I am working on the bottom
third viewport, on workspace 6.  I move to workspace 2.. do some work (at
the top 1/3 of the viewport) and then return to my "work" workspace.  It
would be great if I found myself back on the bottom third of the
viewport.. so I could continue where I left off.

Any ideas?


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