Re: Sawfish and XForms Library.

On Mon, 2004-04-26 at 11:54, Natalia Crespo wrote:

> We've been working with fvwm2 window manager and applications using
> XFORMS library. We need to use windows with FL_FULLBORDER and
> FL_NOBORDER border in the same
> application and with fvwm2 we don't have any problem.
> However, we've decided to use GNOME with SAWFISH as window manager and
> we've got quite problems showing a window with no border and after that
> another one with full border. The second window (with border) stays at
> the back of the first one (without border) and the application doesn't
> work properly.
I don't know if this would help, but you might find that matched windows
will do what you want.  You can define just about everything about a
window based on a number of characteristics, including role, class,
group, type etc. 

Check out the sawfish-config tool.  I find it very useful as a learning
tool as well as the results of your changes are written to
.sawfish/custom so you can check out the settings.

As to putting one window on top of another, that is handled by the depth
attribute of the window.  Personally I use it to keep my "dock-apps"
above all others by giving them a pretty high depth setting (15-17 works
for me) so probably if you give the one window a higher depth setting
than the other it will appear above the other.

Check out:

Hope this helps.

> We'd like to know if it's possible to configure sawfish to manage that
> kind of window without problems.
> Anybody knows if it's necessary to change any attribute to get it? Any
> other suggestion?
> Thanks a lot in avance.
> Natalia.

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