Re: window-list-menu without class-grouping

Maurice <mauricex gmx net> (2004-04-15 21:21) wrote:
> is there any hidden option or something to show all windows in the
> window-list-menu at once, without these class-sub-menus?
> If not I will try to write my own window-menu.

Ok, I wrote something and it actually works :-)

  (defun switch-to-window (W)
    (select-workspace (car (window-workspaces W)))
    (activate-window W))
  (defun make-window-menu (windows)
    (when windows
      (let* ((W (car windows))
             (name (window-name W)))
        (cons (list name `(switch-to-window ,W))
              (make-window-menu (cdr windows))))))

  (popup-menu (make-window-menu (managed-windows)))

But I'm rather a lisp-newbie, so if you see anything wrong or stupid
please tell me.

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