Re: mouse clicks doesn't work

> My root window setting is that 
> Button 1 click is Popup root menu and 
> button 2 click is Popup window list
> Sometimes it happens to me that clicking mouse button 1 and 2 are
> not working any more. There is only a beep after clicking.
> Only restarting sawfish helps.
> I would like to know what I can do to find the cause of the problem.

I haven't found the cause, but I have some more information and a more
convenient workaround when it happens.

The situation seems to happen when I pop up a menu, don't select an
item, and then type something.  To avoid that, if I pop up a menu and
then change my mind, I move the mouse into and out of a random window
so that the focus changes.  That avoids the problem.

When it hangs, you can unhang it by killing the menu process.  I use
alt-TAB to select a shell window, use ps | grep menu to find the menu
process, and then kill it with a kill -9.  Sawfish will then restart
the menu helper the next time you click on the root.
    Geoff Kuenning   geoff cs hmc edu

The DMCA criminalizes curiosity.  It would put Susie in jail for
taking her stereo apart to see how it works.

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