Re: C-M-Backspace problem


kin techie com wrote:

> I'd like to use C-M-Backspace in emacs, but current it is
> bound to quit my desktop (gnome).
> I did not bind C-M-Backspace in my .sawfishrc and I don't
> see it in /home/kin/.sawfish/custom.  Also, I don't custom
> define it in the "shortcuts" of the sawfish configurator.
> So I'm at a lost to see where C-M-Backspace may be defined.
> Any ideas?

This shortcut is normally not bind by the desktop environment or the
window manager, but by the X server itself. There is an option in the X
server configuration file /etc/X11/XFConfig-4 to switch off this
option. Soory, but I don't know the name of this option yet.



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