mouse binding


1) what are the mouse-event names ?? 
		-Off ???
I'd like to see complete list of those in sawfish-ui in some combo-box 
( you know [grab] button is not that mighty )

2) Your maps are looking very weak ( if i'm missing something, please
tell me). I'd like to have separate binding for mouse depending on 
if I click on unfocused window or unfocused.

example usage:
mouse1-click in the unfocused window  -> give focus and pass click
mouse1-click in the focused window -> raise  and pass click

3) Is it possible, that Bindings may clash with some checkboxes in other
settings. Is there a list ? Well if sawfish was normal program I'd
normally jump in the sources and answered this question myself, but
ehm. ehm. I hate lisp ( sorry, I love Ruby ).
Well if you do interface for Ruby ... let me know. Ok, two scripting
languages for one product are overkill, but thats only way, how you can
let me into play.

We have sawfish 1.0.1 ( have no root permission on these machs, so I can't 
change that), but it probably applies also to new versions. Let me know,
if I'm wrong.


And please cc me, I'm not on the list

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