Re: Start something from sawfishrc

>You can use:
> (system "your-program &")

Thanks for your answer!

>But I'm not sure it is such a good idea, because the rc file will be
>re-read if for instance you restart sawfish, and then launch this apps
>again. What about starting them from ~/.xinitrc instead

hm... you're right about that. I don't want the app to start again when
restart sawfish. The problem is that I dont use startx so .xinitrc is never
read. I'm using remote logins and so .xsession is parsed. And I've tried to
start the app from there with no luck. I have it like this:

sawfish &

but sawfish seems to not background or something since the app get's never
launched. Any thoughts on this would be appriciated!

Thanks and regards, CM

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