Re: viewports and the workspace switcher

Marshall Perrin <mperrin heartofgold bantha org> writes:

> I'm running sawfish with GNOME 2.2 on a Debian "testing" system
> (sawfish package 1.3+cvs2003102; gnome-panel, if you want the
> gory details...)
> I've edited my .sawfishrc to enable the use of viewports instead of
> workspaces, since I like to be able to span windows across multiple
> viewports or drag them between virtual desktops with the mouse. By and
> large this works great and I've happily replicated the functionality I had
> back in GNOME 1.4. However, there are two minor annoyances I've noticed.
> I don't know if these are sawfish bugs or gnome-panel bugs.

Viewports has been removed in GNOME 2.x. You have two possibilities :

1) Use desktop instead of viewport

2) Use a pager who works with viewport "apt-get install sawfish-pager"


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