Re: Xinerama fullscreen patch

Jonathan Sambrook writes:
|Attached (ahem) is a patch to /usr/share/sawfish/1.3/lisp/maximize.jl
|(at least that's the path on Debian) to add, in a hacky way - mea
|maxima culpa, maximize fullscreen across Xinerama screens. 
|Why do think it's hacky? Cos it should (but doesn't) share most of its
|code with the original maximize-window-fullscreen function it was
|ripped off from.

I rewrote it like this (untested):

Attachment: patch
Description: Binary data

but I don't think this is something that should be generally available:
if the union of all Xinerama screens isn't a rectangle parts of the
window will be left offscreen after being maximized


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