Re: maximize

Hi Randy,

On Fri, 2003-07-25 at 07:02, Randy Bush wrote:
> freebsd 4.8-stable of yesterday with gnome2
> when i hit the MaximizeWindow button on the title bar, the window
> expands to full screen.
> when i hit a fn key defined as Maximize Fill Window Toggle, the
> window expands to the max size that does not run into other
> windows in the current workspace.
> i want the fn key to act a the title bar button does.  what the
> heck should i be doing?

Just do what the maximize button does too ;-)

The Maximize button uses the function maximize-window-toogle (without
the fill). You could have found this information in the bindings
configuration dialog in the context 'Maximize button'. JFYI


Andreas Buesching <crunchy tzi de>
Universitaet Bremen

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