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Saluton Eric,

Eric Mangold <teratorn world-net net> skribis:

> I've written a tutorial involving sawfish and I want people to tell me 
> what sucks about it :)
> Also, I'm curious if this is something that should be linked from the 
> sawfish documentation or from the project homepage.
> See Issue #1 at
> series.html

Quite an amazing tutorial :-)  I don't agree with points like moving the Esc-key (even if you actually swap the physical keys) because that causes disturbance when you work on a different computer.

Having lots of modifiers (I have 3 -- plus the European AltGr) can actually slow me down because it gets confusing.  For example I have H-F4 in sawfish for closing windows and Opera has C-F4 for closing an MDI-bound window.  Havoc when I don't concentrate!

I also disagree about using random but easy-to-reach keys for something.  Between Emacs, sawfish and other apps I have so many key-bindings to remember that it gets real hard when they don't contain a meaningful letter.  Congrats on your excellent memory!

I wouldn't rule out far away keys either.  I automatically use C-a or Home and C-e or End as often one as the other.  In sawfish H-Left and friends is ideal for moving viewports whereas H-PageUp/Down is better for the bigger units, i.e. workspaces.

As a last note, I'm amazed that a keyboard artist like you hasn't yet switched to the hard to grasp and badly documented, but far more powerful Xkbd.  That allows freeing an obvious C-M-backspace for backward-kill-sexp, and assigning the XFree self destruct key to something else.

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Daniel Pfeiffer

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