sawfish workspaces

I just became aware of the existence of workspaces after accidentally creating a second one. I can't find any documentation on them. The info page says this:


  XXX what do I want to say here?

Well, what I want you to say is:

1. what is their purpose? what problem do they solve? Why do they exist?
2.  how do I switch between them?

For 2.  I discovered two ways:
. in any window, click on the top-left square, and in the pull-down, click on send window to, and then select either previous or next workspace
            (this was my accidental discovery)
. in customization of sawfish, I discovered an option for selecting next workspace when the mouse cursor gets close to the boundary of the current one. I tried it and don't like it.
I wonder if there's some key combination I can bind to this event?


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