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Saluton, Moin,

Janek Kozicki <janek kozicki pl> skribis:

> would it be possible to make pager
> disappear when clicked on the edge just like gkrellm does?

> I mean - when pager is clicked on the edge it shrinks to vertical line
> one-pixel width. to unshrink it - click the line again. The line is easy
> to reach with mouse because it is at the edge of the screen.

A few apps (like taskbars) have this behaviour.  But I think that's the wrong way of doing this.  Window movement and positioning is a window manager's business.  I had in fact planned to implement such a module for sawfish, precisely for my pager needs but useable for any window.

But then John started ripping out customization and threatened to deprecate viewports.  That has sapped my energy and I have stopped investing it into sawfish.  (Instead, I'm on exciting projects like makepp and new Emacs M-x compile).

Maybe this'll inspire you or someone else to implement sawfish.wm.animation.autohide or some such name.

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