Re: Patch for root menus

From: John Harper <jsh unfactored org>
Message-Id: <ag1byr2o06 1zrph58 xebec unfactored org>

> |* The window names or class names have codesets of the current locale,
> |  and GTK+-2 requires UTF-8 codesets. Thus menu item of beos-window-
> |  menu need to be converted into UTF-8 to show window item with its
> |  name localized.
> |
> |* The boundary of UTF-8 multibyte characters need to be checked when
> |  the name is cut in abbreviate().
> until we decide how to handle the glib dependency, I can't check this
> in

About the above, I have another idea: implement the equivalent
function with g_locale_to_utf8(). On that patch, I used
g_locale_to_utf8() because the locale-detection code depends on
system-type (for example, Posix has nl_langinfo(CODESET), but another
system must parse what setlocale(LC_CTYPE, NULL)'s returns).
S.Tahara / jado flowernet gr jp

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