Re: Tooltips font fix

Shun-ichi TAHARA writes:
|(setq tooltips-font "XXXX") is not work on Sawfish-1.3.

that should look for the XLFD font called XXXX, e.g.:

  (display-message "foo!" '((font . "fixed")))

works fine for me (display-message is what the tooltips use to display
the window). However, it's also possible for the font description to be
a font object, not a font name, so this also works for me:

  (display-message "foo!" `((font . ,(get-font-typed "xft" "Verdana-10"))))

|The patch below can fix. And moreover, it allows tooltips-foreground-
|color and tooltips-background-color to be set "nil" to obey GTK+
|default setting.

I don't think that works. Not setting the colors defaults to white
background, black foreground (see Fdisplay_message in functions.c).
Gtk+ isn't involved in displaying the tooltips, it's just a window
created using Xlib.

|# I think I am happy to be able to set
|#   (setq tooltips-font '("Xft" . "Sans 10"))
|# but did not implemented on this patch for now.

you should be able to do (setq tooltips-font (get-font-typed "Xft"
"Sans 10")) to get that effect.

So I don't think this patch needs to be applied, thanks,


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