Re: Pango API

From: John Harper <jsh unfactored org>
Message-Id: <DD32C968-CDE9-11D7-A70F-00039390CA30 unfactored org>

> But one thing you should be aware of is that sawfish doesn't depend on 
> glib or pango, so those libraries can't be used currently.

Sawfish, I think, depends on GTK+2, doesn't it?
GTK+2 depends on glib, pango and atk.

> I'm not opposed to adding those dependencies, but I think it should be 
> optional, e.g. configure would have a --with-pango option and all 
> pango/glib C code would be in #ifdef HAVE_PANGO blocks or something 
> similar.

Yes, that is a good idea.

Shun-ichi TAHARA / jado flowernet gr jp

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