Re: Tabbed windows in window manager?


Timothy Beyer <beyert cs ucr edu> skribis:
> I know this has probably been brought up some time in the past, but I
> was wondering if anyone had any plans to add tabbing/grouping
> functionality into sawfish.  I realize that the drag series of themes does
> something like this, but from personal experimentation, it appears that
> those themes only allow the moving around of titlebars.

If you stay with several windows, the impression of unity can't be perfect.  Another example is xmms, which allows snapping windows one to another.  But if you move them quickly, you can see that they get moved one by one.

> Anyway, I was thinking about integrating "real" tabbing/grouping
> functionality with the wm (via Merlin's sawfish
> extensions, perhaps extending the "pile.") Anyway, I realize that tabbing
> is not intended to be part of the core wm functionality
> (nor Merlin's extensions, though I consider them to be extremely useful)
> for the sake of simplicity, but I was wondering if anyone could give me
> some insight to makes tabs better integrated into the wm.

I would generally like another way of managing some windows:  Glueing them together into a super-window, like the new Gimp can.  There would be a way of laying them out w/ or w/o title bars horizontally and/or vertically and/or tabbed.  There'd be sashes for resizing them within the super-window.

When you have lots of small or same sized windows, that would be a very powerful management style.  It would of course only apply to the windows you willingly reparent into the super-window.

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