Re: (no subject) -> Can't change default font, bug #81677

John Iverson <johni flash net> wrote:

> On Sun 10 Aug 2003 at 05:22pm -0700, Garrett P. McLean wrote:
>> to be clear: i'm running sawfish-ui and trying to change the default
>> font for the wm. what appears to be happening is that it's keeping
>> whatever's already in the field and appending whatever option i chose
>> and then complaining that it can't find the font (because it's looking
>> for arial-times or whatever the combination of the default and what i
>> chose is). i hope this makes sense. feel free to ask questions and give
>> answers if you know how i can fix this and be able to change font for
>> sawfish!!!
> Appears to be a known bug:

Good to know, but does anyone have an idea why? I also had/have this
problem. What I tried was a recompilation of sawfish. The problem
changed, but not to the good. Now I can select any font I want, but
that's all what happens :-( Looking a little bit more in detail, I can
select all fonts, but not all are displayed correctly. For example, if
I would like to use Helvetica-Regular, I can choose it from the
selection box and what I see is Helvetica-Italic. It looks like, that I
can just choose the font family, but not the slant.

Could it be, that the problem is related to the font server. I think I
compiled gtk+-2.x when the configuration of my gentoo box contains the
flag for xft. At the moment I'm using the internal font-server of
XFree86 4.3.x.



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