TWM-like icon manager?

I would like to create an always-live window similar to the "TWM Icon
Manager".  What I want (ideally) is the following:

    Window is a list of text lines, like a menu
    Window is treated like any other normal window (i.e.,
	iconifying, etc. should be explicit)
   *Each text line is the title of some window on the screen
   *Text is sorted alphabetically
   *Some window titles can be omitted based on a pattern match
    Clicking on a text line toggles iconification for the associated window
   *Window can be iconified from a normal Sawfish menu item

The requirements marked with "*" are things that I'm sure I can figure
out how to do myself.  My big problem is that I don't know how to
create an on-screen window whose events are passed to Sawfish, nor how
to handle those events internally.

In a couple of hours of searching, I couldn't find anything similar
that I could hack to do what I want.  I'm confident that I could
learn, but as a newcomer to Sawfish and librep it would take me quite
a while to get sufficiently up to speed, so it seems more efficient to
ask for suggestions.  I don't need working code, but if somebody could
sketch out how to accomplish the unstarred stuff, I'd sure appreciate
    Geoff Kuenning   geoff cs hmc edu

McDonald's, which does not wait on your table, does not cook your food
to order, and does not clear your table, came up with the slogan ``We
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	-- Dave Barry

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