[sabayon] Proposed change to the "details" window


I've been playing around with the idea of modifying the "Details" window in Sabayon to be more useful, and came up with the following mockup (try not to get too bogged down in the details: I know the labelling is kind of ugly, for example):


Fairly self explanatory, I think. Each revision to the profile can be toggled "on" or "off" and moved up or down in precedence (to handle the case where a setting is toggled "off" in one profile, and "on" in another). Within each profile, you can set stuff to be ignored or mandatory much as you would when editing stuff in the Xnest window (one important difference is that "ignore" settings wouldn't be discarded).

I _think_ it should be possible to implement this without making too many changes to Sabayon proper.. based on the results of this evening's hacking/investigation, the main challenge seems to be regenerating the actual changeset information from the mess of files contained within the profile .zip. This probably involves some changes to the way delegate classes work.

Then again, I'm still a bit of a newbie to the Sabayon codebase, so I might be missing something. I also haven't completely convinced myself that my UI proposal in sane. :-) Anyone care to comment before I go off and start ripping things apart?

William Lachance
wrlach gmail com

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