[sabayon] Revision history UI

	So, I thought I'd explain what this revision history UI is about.

	First, the crowded screenshot:


	The window on the bottom left shows the contents of the profile, the
window on the top right is a crude GConf viewer and the one on the
bottom right is an even cruder text file viewer.

	The rough task list I'd jotted down was:

  + Browse contents of the profile
      - Browse GConf settings, files and diectories
  + Browse the profile's revision history
  + Revert profile to a given revision
  + Revert file/directory to a given revision
  + Delete file/directory
  + Erase revisions history

	I think it mostly satisfies those requirements, but after playing
around with it for a bit the way I've presented the idea of revisions is
actually really confusing. The general idea was:

  + The profile and each element within the profile has its own
    list of revisions. The revision is identified by a date/time.
  + The combo at the top shows the profile revision. Select an
    older revision and it will show you the contents of that
    older revision. Save, and you revert the profile to that revision.
  + The combo for each element does the same thing, but just for that 

	I've no immediate ideas on how to do better, but trust me, its
confusing the way it is now :-)


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