[sabayon] mozilla status

Good news, I just checked in a new version of the mozilla code and
detecting and reporting changes seem to work.

Caveat: I confess I'm not sure how robust everything is, I can when
playing with firefox get sabayon to hang in ways I have yet to explain.
But if you don't beat on it too hard it seems to detect and report
changes in firefox.

Major points/issues:

* converted mozilla to be a delegate of filesources. I had to add
get_files_delegate to the FilesSource constructor in order to have files
allow delegates. (What other source modules will need similar
constructor additions to allow other modules to hook them?)

* completely removed all instances and references to MozillaSource as
its now operating as a file delegate

* significantly restructured parts of the mozilla code. This was
necessary to overcome assumptions about the existence of files or the
assumption a file was completely written and populated with values.
These issues arose when reacting to file creation and change events
where a file or a part of a file was not yet existing.

* Cleaned up a number of syntax and run time errors introduced when
other parts of sabayon were changed (because mozilla was not fully
executing these errors were "hidden")

* Wrestled a little with the firefox version I was running. It would
immediately exit after creating its files. Apparently version 1.0-8 was
known to seg fault if run in a home directory that had never firefox run
in it before. Since this is the new sabayon behavior is this was causing
firefix to crash where it didn't use to before the introduction of the
temp home directories.

* Working in gamin callback chain is not fun :-( Since most of my code
executes as the consequence of gamin callbacks and during development
its very easy to provoke a python exception and that exception will
cause a silent process hang until the process exits it makes for a
tedious edit/test cycle. At the moment the self test code in mozilla is
broken, doing self tests would help I admit, but to a limited degree.
Even the self tests will execute in callbacks at some point and nothing
subsitutes for actually running the full app. It would be nice if gamin
were more forgiving of exceptions.

* I wish I could work out of my tree instead of having to "make install"
for every edit/test cycle. The current "make install" works, its just
not ideal :-)

* It would be nice to clean up the various places that set paths in
various environments to something a bit more simple, robust, and not
tied to installation.

* The current mozilla code (yes, it needs some clean up :-) is tailored
to firefox at the moment. It does not support mozilla.

Next thing to work on is "applying" the mozilla changes.

John Dennis <jdennis redhat com>

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