[sabayon] Sabayon for RHEL 4

Hi All,

I've been following this project with great interest.  I've also been
playing around with it on my Fedora Core 4 laptop - so far Sabayon is
living up to its billing.

I would like to try it out on a RHEL 4 machine.  I tried building a RPM
from the latest FC4 Sabayon source rpm, but the build bombed out.  On
the other hand, Sabayon 0.18 rebuilt without any problem, except that
it's really old.  Oh, I also tried building both versions on a CentOS 4
box, and of course the results in each case were the same.

Before I spend anymore time trying to get the latest release to build,
should I even bother?  Will Sabayon work with Gnome 2.8?  Any chance an
official Sabayon release will work on a stock RHEL 4 system, or is my
only option Fedora Core and future RHEL releases?  

Thanks in advance,


Kanwar Ranbir Sandhu
Systems Aligned Inc.

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