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On Fri, 2006-05-19 at 18:12 -0700, Alex Lancaster wrote:
> >>>>> "MB" == Marco Bonomo  writes:
> MB> Hi everybody, I made a little mockup of a cool feature someone
> MB> could implement into rhythmbox.
> MB> here:
> MB> It is a little information "panel", that could be enable from the
> MB> toolbar, that shows information about current song/album/artist.
> I have a initial implementation of a "links artist or album on various
> services" plugin here:
> It is currently just generates links for albums or artists, but
> ultimately in the case of "artist info" should generate a list of all
> albums by that artist, or "album info" play statistics for that album.
> It could ultimately be integrated with a "song info" window like this.

I'm fairly sure I've mentioned this before, but I think having an "Album
Info" window would be a good idea, and would be a good place for all
these things. There would obviously me a similar Artist Info window

I've whipped up a glade mockup (atatched) of the kind of thing I'm
thinking of, although it could definitely use a lot of love. I'll try to
get some screenshots up for people who don't have glade.

The layout of basically the same as the Song Info window, just with
different tabs. There are a few basic tabs, and others which can be
provided by their respective plugins (Art, etc).

The "Basic" tab is virtually the same as the song info one, it lets you
change the info of songs in the album - so you can fix a type in all
your tracks at once.

The "Tracks" tab lists all the tracks on the album, with basic info
about them, and the Artist column is only shown when there are multiple
artists on the album. Obviously this would use the normal track list
instead of how I've done it in glade.

"Statistics" is something I think would be cool, but I'm not sure what
we should include. I've added a few random ones I thought up.

The "Art" and "" tabs don't look very good, but give an idea of
what I think could go there.

Any comments, or suggestions of how to make it not suck, are greatly


James "Doc" Livingston
It's not that I'm lazy; it's that I just don't care -- Office Space

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