Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] ArtPane

On Mon, 2006-05-22 at 21:09 +0200, Tom Parker wrote:
> Hi. I've been following Rhythmbox CVS development for a while, and with 
> all the renewed effort being put into plugins I'd like to offer my 
> little effort. I have a few albums where the auto-search isn't coming up 
> with the right album, and so therefore I wanted the option to be able to 
> manually select a cover, but without having to go outside the Rhythmbox 
> GUI.

This is one of the big art-related things we're lacking, thanks for
looking at it.

> I've therefore taken a few hints from the Lyrics plugin and implemented
> a "Cover Art" pane for the Song info. You can type in some terms on a
> text entry box in this pane, press return and it'll show you what
> results those terms get from Amazon. If you see the right album, you
> can double click on the relevant row and it'll get set as the album
> for the current song. I've attached a patch to current Rhythmbox CVS
> to implement all of this as a patch to the artdisplay plugin.

I'm not entirely sure that the song-info window is the best place for
this, because the art is specific to the album not the song. I think we
should have similar Album Info windows (and artist too).

By default they could have a tracklist, and some statistics about your
playing habits on the album. Plugins could add

* Display and setting the art [cover art plugin]
* Display global statistics, and related artists/albums [
* Get info about the album from [the
artist/album info plugin Alex Lancast has been working on]

I'm not sure exactly how the user should get to the album info windows
though. Possible options are:
* context menu item on the browsers
* link from song info window
* return of the clickable artist/album names in the header
* something else.

> Provisos: the UI sucks (really needs some buttons and hints in there) 
> and its method of tying into AmazonCoverArtSearch and CoverArtDatabase 
> is a lot of a hack right now, but it's a reasonable first effort.

I was a bit confused by having to press enter just to use the default
search, and double-clicking on the one I wanted (I selected it and
pressed close at first). Nothing we can't fix though.

Also, I get an error about the undefined method "get_art" when I use the
next/previous buttons.


James "Doc" Livingston
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