[Rhythmbox-devel] Re: Duplicate Song entries in Library

>>>>> "MM" == Matthew McGuire  writes:

MM> Hi Rhythmbox devs, All in all I think that rhythmbox is a fine
MM> application so props to all the developers involved. However there
MM> is one problem that is a bit odd.  It seem that if the user
MM> creates a playlist using the files in the library, the library
MM> will disply any tracks selected for the playlist twice. It seems
MM> that the playlist items are added to the library even if they are
MM> originally from the library. Granted if you were adding a folder
MM> that contained a playlist then that would make good sense.
MM> However if the track is from the library then it seem reasonable
MM> to ignore the additional entry. Another thought... you could just
MM> not add files in the playlists to the library and seperate the
MM> two. Since playlist imports and exports are a bit awkward (and
MM> never work for me) this would also seem like a reasonable
MM> solution. Does anyone else have any ideas on this? Point me in the
MM> right direction and I can look at the Library DB code if you want.

What version of rhythmbox are you using?  Exactly how are you creating
a playlist?  Are you dragging the tracks from the library to an empty
playlist?   The duplicate entries could result from canonicalisation
issues that should have been fixed in the last (0.9.4) release.


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