[Rhythmbox-devel] Duplicate Song entries in Library

Hi Rhythmbox devs,

All in all I think that rhythmbox is a fine application so props to all
the developers involved. However there is one problem that is a bit odd.
It seem that if the user creates a playlist using the files in the
library, the library will disply any tracks selected for the playlist
twice. It seems that the playlist items are added to the library even if
they are originally from the library. Granted if you were adding a
folder that contained a playlist then that would make good sense.
However if the track is from the library then it seem reasonable to
ignore the additional entry. Another thought... you could just not add
files in the playlists to the library and seperate the two. Since
playlist imports and exports are a bit awkward (and never work for me)
this would also seem like a reasonable solution. Does anyone else have
any ideas on this? Point me in the right direction and I can look at the
Library DB code if you want.


Matthew McGuire

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